Bubbling Over

SOURDough was living a dream existence with the presence of Annie Star in his life. The were inseparable at times, the laughter and feelings of elation in each other's presence a hard thing to stray away from, making simple things like a goodnight's kiss a long and laborious, yet wholly enjoyable event. Neither one wanted … Continue reading


Star Crossed

Among the many changes in SOURDough's life, his work schedule has become the most pleasurable on daily basis. The 5AM-12PM time slot, true baker's hours, has made it available to really enjoy the bounty of activities the city has to offer during the mid-day hours. SOURDough chose this day to wander around Times Square, where … Continue reading


You Can Never Go Home Again

  Olive made her way down the transit stairway, leaving the familiar if not grungy comfort of the NYC Subway system. As she exited the staircase, a cold, unnerving chill entered her bones as she looked towards the vast cityscape that is Long Island City. Readers of this blog have taken this same journey before, … Continue reading


Changing The Script

SOURDough was never a big advocate of radical change in his own personal life. He was always very steady, consistent, with his daily routine synchronized like a fine swiss watch. Never arrived late to work, ate the same breakfast, his actions performed almost as if they were scripted from above. He despised any change in … Continue reading


La Pasion De Panadero Enojado (English Subtitled)

The old saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is a true one, and it applies to women also. Except men look at it as the comfort of a home cooked meal, and the consistency of always knowing what to expect. This does apply also to women, except the meaning … Continue reading


Los Polvorones Con Amor

SOURDough has experienced a busy month since his last post, most readers wondering where he went. Albert even greeted him as “ex-blogger” SOURDough, a little playful quip to let him know he needs to get back on his blogging horse and start writing again. No current news to report since “Waiting For The Call Up”, … Continue reading


Waiting For The Call Up

The anticipation for this day has been gnawing at SOURDough’s soul for quite some time. The departure of Olive and Pastry Monkey had made the factory a highly intolerable place to work. What was really left at the factory? In SOURDough’s continuing breaducation, he has been working hard to steer clear of the bad habits … Continue reading


A Bit Obsessed

SOURDough has obsessed over many different things in his life, some momentary fads, others turned into lifelong pursuits. There was the summer of Texas style BBQ during three unemployed months back in 97″. Salad be dammed, it was all about grilled meats. There was also a five year stint as an aspiring pro bowler after … Continue reading


Territoriality Breached

SOURDough has recently been assigned to work the early morning baguette shift, a strange new world after a whole year plus working at the shaping table. It’s a very different vibe, waking up at baker’s hours to get to an early shift, the night slowly fading away into bright morning light. While the factory never … Continue reading


The Continuation Of My BREADucation

When Pastry Monkey and RJ were still working at the factory, they had the pleasure of visiting La Boulangerie, an artisan bakery located in Forest Hills, Queens. It is run by Francois Danielo, a fellow classmate of RJ’s! who’s bakery in the short time it’s been open has gotten wonderful reviews, especially for it’s prized … Continue reading


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