The Sour One

My little boy was all grown up. Mature, ripe and ready to take on the challenge of leavening and adding flavor and depth to boules, batards, baquettes, any shape or recipe that crossed his path. He’s had his growing pains, the sluggish start, overproduction of natural alcohol due to periods of overfeeding, the one time … Continue reading


Playing Both Sides Of The Same Coin

SOURDough has had a pretty interesting week with all the rumors of sexual indiscretion floating around the bread factory. With all my supposed activities going on with multiple partners at the same time, how do I have the energy to even stand and function during my shift? One thing that was overlooked amongst all the … Continue reading


As The Dough Folds

SOURDough is watching the same story unfold in front of his eyes in stereo. The script is the same, but new characters have been inserted into the role of abused new guy, my previous position at the bread factory. Oddly enough, the new players in this story have come in the form of two women, … Continue reading



SOURDough’s obsession with crafting perfect loaves of bread has reached an all time high lately. It seems working at a bakery six days a week is not enough, he’s now baking bread on the nights when he isn’t cooking. This infatuation with gluten has led too many late nights mixing, proofing, shaping, and baking, looking … Continue reading


First Of The Gang To Fly

Stumbling to the bread factory on a brisk New Year’s Day morning, I hear a faint screech off in the distance, a familiar, welcoming sound. One that starts to brighten my alcohol dampened brain after a wonderful evening spent with family and cousin Trish, who livened the evening with more wine and tales of life … Continue reading


The Spoils Of Christmas

The truly privileged individual is not blessed with a vast personal fortune, despite modern society’s preponderance with elitism and material possessions as a measure of value. The truly privileged individual understands that real personal wealth comes from the embrace of familial bonds and the joy and comfort provided during the best and worst of times. … Continue reading


Three Picture Recipe (Or SOURDough’s Lazy Post)

SOURDough was running around like a headless chicken this past Wednesday, preparations for the holiday occupying most of his only off-day of the week. It’s usually the most enjoyable time of the year, the decorations all over Manhattan making it a joy to travel to work everyday. People in the streets seem more polite this … Continue reading


Discarded Treasures

“What a waste! They were going to throw these brotforms away!” exclaimed Albert as he approached Olive and SOURDough. “Do you believe this? They’re just slightly used and heading to the trash bin. These cost 20-30 dollars a piece. You guys interested?”. Albert didn’t have to ask twice, as Olive and I snatched away the … Continue reading


Do Chickens Sweat?

“Pollo Sudado? Sweaty Chicken? I’ve never seen a chicken sweat before, and I’d rather wash him if that’s the case” cried Auntie Eva as we sat around the kitchen table discussing favorite dishes in the SOURDough household. Auntie Eva always laughs at her own jokes, kinda like Mr. Roper from Three’s Company (it’s a show … Continue reading


Back To The Bread Kitchen

With Joe Jr. starting the journey to becoming a nice strong starter, SOURDough began his own pilgrimage back to the land of crusty hearth breads. Breads with crisp crusts, devoid of the sugary sweetness found in the more common on-the-go breakfast items like muffins and cinnamon buns. Enriched dough breads like cinnamon buns provide a … Continue reading


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