Territoriality Breached


SOURDough has recently been assigned to work the early morning baguette shift, a strange new world after a whole year plus working at the shaping table. It’s a very different vibe, waking up at baker’s hours to get to an early shift, the night slowly fading away into bright morning light. While the factory never … Continue reading

The Continuation Of My BREADucation


When Pastry Monkey and RJ were still working at the factory, they had the pleasure of visiting La Boulangerie, an artisan bakery located in Forest Hills, Queens. It is run by Francois Danielo, a fellow classmate of RJ’s! who’s bakery in the short time it’s been open has gotten wonderful reviews, especially for it’s prized … Continue reading

As The Dough Folds


SOURDough is watching the same story unfold in front of his eyes in stereo. The script is the same, but new characters have been inserted into the role of abused new guy, my previous position at the bread factory. Oddly enough, the new players in this story have come in the form of two women, … Continue reading

First Of The Gang To Fly


Stumbling to the bread factory on a brisk New Year’s Day morning, I hear a faint screech off in the distance, a familiar, welcoming sound. One that starts to brighten my alcohol dampened brain after a wonderful evening spent with family and cousin Trish, who livened the evening with more wine and tales of life … Continue reading

Rosemary’s Big Reveal, plus Ramen-Part 1


Sometimes you can be blind to the obvious, despite all the clues smacking you in the face like a wet noodle. Sitting out front in the concourse enjoying my mid-morning breakfast, Rosemary scurries up to my table for our bi-weekly gabfest. It’s our little gossip session to share stories about who’s been bad at the … Continue reading

Baguette Bravado


SOURDough was struck by a conundrum on his day off. With IOS 5, Apple’s newest operating system for IPhones and IPads poised to be released on the world this afternoon, I was trying to decide which path my day would take. The tech nerd side of SOURDough wanted to update his IPad before venturing out … Continue reading


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