After 17 years as a retoucher for a catalog printing company, it was time for a career change. Last year I graduated from the French Culinary Institute ( now known as the International Culinary Center) in New York City and started working as a bread baker at an establishment located in downtown Manhattan. Is this the right career move? We’ll explore what happens in the bakery, share recipes and see what’s happening in this great city…….

BTW, I’m not angry all the time……

9 responses to “About

  1. Maybe like the Hulk just a little…with all the retouching critiques over the years you’re bound to pop! Jet ski rentals sound pretty good to me brother.

  2. i must say that i enjoyed your blog and loved all of the delicious photos. i am the grandson of Bob Gotay and we wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the blog

  3. Hello and Thank you for liking a post of mine. I think that was a great career change. Sounds like you love it. I love bread too. I like the texture, the feel of kneading, the baking and smelling and my fav. Fresh hot bread with butter and cheese and grapes if I have all that:)Take care..

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