The Unrecipe recipe (or just winging it)


There is a sinking feeling amongst bakers and food science nerds (molecular gastronomists) when presented with a culinary situation where there are no numbers. They are dumbfounded by the home cook or “grandma” who produces fabulous gastronomic delights without a scale or recipe present, going strictly on instinct or passed down kitchen knowledge to make … Continue reading

Star Crossed


Among the many changes in SOURDough's life, his work schedule has become the most pleasurable on daily basis. The 5AM-12PM time slot, true baker's hours, has made it available to really enjoy the bounty of activities the city has to offer during the mid-day hours. SOURDough chose this day to wander around Times Square, where … Continue reading

Do Chickens Sweat?


“Pollo Sudado? Sweaty Chicken? I’ve never seen a chicken sweat before, and I’d rather wash him if that’s the case” cried Auntie Eva as we sat around the kitchen table discussing favorite dishes in the SOURDough household. Auntie Eva always laughs at her own jokes, kinda like Mr. Roper from Three’s Company (it’s a show … Continue reading


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