Kid Friendly Comfort Food


The children in the SOURDough and Annie Star household are a study of contrasts when the topic is food, specifically dinner. Christopher, the eldest child has a robust appetite and never seems to turn down a good meal. He brings a zestful attitude when he arrives at the dinner table, bright brown eyes scanning the … Continue reading

The Spoils Of Christmas


The truly privileged individual is not blessed with a vast personal fortune, despite modern society’s preponderance with elitism and material possessions as a measure of value. The truly privileged individual understands that real personal wealth comes from the embrace of familial bonds and the joy and comfort provided during the best and worst of times. … Continue reading

Do Chickens Sweat?


“Pollo Sudado? Sweaty Chicken? I’ve never seen a chicken sweat before, and I’d rather wash him if that’s the case” cried Auntie Eva as we sat around the kitchen table discussing favorite dishes in the SOURDough household. Auntie Eva always laughs at her own jokes, kinda like Mr. Roper from Three’s Company (it’s a show … Continue reading

Southern Influence


Family and friends are a constant source of support and encouragement in my life and with my blog posts. As I am constantly looking for subjects to blog about, stepbrother Emmanuel from Southern Florida wondered if I ever make any Cajun inspired dishes. He’s a good kid despite his current geographical location, and I decided … Continue reading

Always Making A Fuss


SOURDough is not one to leave well enough alone. In my daily quest for menu planning, I scan through an extensive pdf database of recipes, hoping to find a long lost favorite or forgotten recipe. Everything is meticulously organized into type of protein, grains, and vegetables. Ranked with star annotations by preference and date. You … Continue reading

“Working Mom”


SOURDough has been known to wear many different hats over the years. Photographer, videographer, IT Specialist, insurance sales rep, and sympathetic ear to all those who cross his path on a daily basis. When Mrs. SOURDough decided to go back to school to further her education, I received another title, “Mr. Mom” Just like that … Continue reading


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